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Tracking Your Progress  Hypnotherapy in Berkshire 

There are many ways you can track your progress when quitting smoking. Have a look at a few ideas I have put here, you may find some very helpful or rewarding to you, some can even be very empowering. 

Charts & Calendars 

This is a good way to see how well you are doing, you could make a daily chart and colour it in with a colour that is pleasing to you, or you can tick or mark off the days on a calendar so when you look back at the week you can really see how well you are doing. Maybe if you get a craving you can add a mark or tally to your chart or calendar instead, this will brake your habit of smoking and get you doing something different, you can then see how much your cravings reduce over time. 
I have a small chart that is small enough to keep in your diary, wallet or handbag, feel free to contact me for a copy and I can email it to you. 
EMAIL: info@edfrancishypnotherapy.co.uk 

Social Networking 

Facebook and Twitter are both really good ways to get support from friends, family and followers. You can post updates as often as you like and you might be surprised at just how many supporters you have when trying to stop smoking, if you have a craving then post it on Facebook, the words of encouragement from others that care for you and your health can be a really good way to stay positive. If you are on twitter then you might want to follow some stop smoking groups (I will list some good pages and people to follow below) and tag them in to your 140 character post and don't forget to use #tag. 
Don't forget to include your #hashtags in your twitter post, here are just a few to chose from. 

Money Box & Saving 

Another good way to track how well you are doing with quitting smoking is to use a see through jar (like a jam jar), cutting a slot in the lid and super-gluing it on, then you just put the daily or weekly amount of money you would spend on a pack of cigarettes in the jar.  
After a week or a month you could use the money to spoil yourself for all the hard work you have put in, however you could just let it build up maybe for a whole year, this way you get to see your money grow and how much you actually spend on something that is harming you.  
Another option is to set up a standing order with your bank into a savings account, work out how much you spend each week and get it transferred into the account - its a good way to save! 
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