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8 Reasons To Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Berkshire 

8 Reasons To Stop Smoking 
Research shows that most smokers get motivated to quit very suddenly, spurred into action by a specific event, milestone or resolution. 
Money is a massive incentive to quit smoking and just think of how much you could save, however you may want to use one of these key times to get, and stay, motivated to quit. 
New Year's stop smoking resolution 
Around 7 million of us will make a New Year's resolution to improve an aspect of our health and stopping smoking is one of the most common ones. Break down your goal into smaller steps and reward yourself when you achieve one of these. Focus on the benefits - financial and physical. 
Stop smoking when you're pregnant 
Every cigarette harms your baby and if you carry on smoking during your pregnancy the potential risks include miscarriage, having your baby early, low birth weight and birth defects. If you quit smoking, both you and your baby will be healthier and you will be less likely to have problems during the birth. If you're thinking about starting a family - or you're already pregnant -you have a wonderful reason to quit smoking. 
No Smoking Day helps quitters 
Every year around a million smokers, especially women, use No Smoking Day to try to quit. And many succeed. The No Smoking Day charity estimates that more than 1.5 million smokers have quit for good since its launch in 1983. No Smoking Day is a good time to quit because you'll know you're not alone. 
No Smoking Day is the second Wednedsay in March 
Getting fit can help you stop smoking 
Maybe you've decided to start an exercise programme or take up a new sport, and you've noticed how smoking-related symptoms, like shortness of breath, affect you when you exercise. Smokers have less endurance than non-smokers and take longer to recover after exercise. But as soon as you quit, you'll find that you feel fitter, less breathless and better able to play sports. 
Quit when you become a grandparent 
You probably want to spend as much time with your new grandchild as possible, but if you smoke you could be harming the baby's health. Consider how your son or daughter may feel about you smoking around their baby. Children who breathe in secondhand smoke are at more risk of cot death or conditions including allergies, asthma, chest infections and breathing problems. Moving to the other side of the room to smoke, or even into another room, doesn't completely remove the risk. Even if you open a window, or move to a different room, secondhand smoke will still be present in a room after two-and-a-half hours. Even if you can't see or smell any smoke, it's probably still there. Smoking in a car is even worse because all of the smoke is concentrated into a small space. 
Use being ill to help you quit 
If you have a long-term or life-threatening condition, it's a good time to quit smoking. A major illness is a life-changing event that could help you break your addiction. You may think the damage is already done - or that it's too late to quit. But that's not true. You'll reap noticeable health benefits within 20 minutes of smoking that last cigarette. 
Going into hospital forces you to stop smoking 
Smoking is banned in hospitals so you'll be forced to stay off cigarettes during your stay, making this a great opportunity to stop smoking permanently. If you're having an operation, there's the added incentive that if you stop smoking before you go into hospital you'll recover more quickly, have better wound healing and there will be less chance of complications. 
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