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Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy in Berkshire & Hampshire 

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking in Reading & Berkshire 
Information about quitting smoking 
Stop smoking in southampton and Reading
With my help you can become a fitter and healthier person as well as saving yourself lots of money, which lets face it in this financial climate every penny counts right? Did you realise that the average pack of cigarettes costs around £10.00, if you smoke 1 pack a day (that's 20 cigarettes per day or 140 a week) which adds up to £70.00 per week or £280 a month or even £3640 per year! WOW that is 3 months wages, would you like 3 months worth of extra wages a year? Just think of the possibilities you could do with that extra cash? 
You could have a lovely holiday, buy a new car, or even spend a little more on a loved one over Christmas, the money could even go towards the wedding of your dreams and even a cheeky spa treatment once a month, how about joining a gym? (That's what I did, and I still have a few quid to spend on something nice for myself). 
There are only disadvantages to being a smoker; your sense of taste and smell are greatly reduced, your teeth, gums and tongue suffer from staining, bleeding and even bad breath and everything tasting of that nasty cigarette, your clothes smell (yes non smokers can smell it). You also get out of breath just going up the stairs. Yes I had all of those, and do you know what?... That's not even the worst of it, the damage it's doing to your heart and lungs is much worse. The unseen damage this causes the inside of the body is colossal.  
For those couples out there that are trying for a baby, your chances could be greatly increases if the man stops smoking and for the women... Well smoking is no good while pregnant we all know this. 
Now I am a non smoker I feel fantastic, I'm more fit and much healthier, I can even RUN up the stairs and not get breathless, I can taste so much more food and smell the flowers with increased senses. Do you want to know the best part?... I don't smell of smoke and my lungs are turning pink again!!! I'm saving money and enjoying life more, every second of every day and there is no way I will be going back! 
I personally have first hand experience about smoking and knowing how hard it is to give up, I completely understand what you will be going through, so don't worry, I'll be helping you along the way. So if you would like to become a non smoker and make a change in your life, it's never too late to stop... 
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You can call or text me on 07809 728 185 or email me on info@edfrancishypnotherapy.co.uk 
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