Spider Phobia Course in Reading & Berkshire

Spider phobia Courses in Berkshire

The Most Common Fear in the World 

So many people have a fear of spiders (arachnophobia). I believe it is the most common fear in the world and I too once had a fear of spiders. To the point where I had been teased by people who caught a spider and then threatened to put it on me as a joke. I would beg and plead for them not to with tears rolling down my face. 


One day I thought enough was enough. I designed a programme of therapy techniques to teach clients and to use on myself. After using my techniques, the day came when it was time I faced my fear. I visited a local reptile shop that sells tarantulas and asked for them to help me. 

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Ed Francis is a Spider Expert & Arachnophobia Therapist

It's Time to Overcome Your Fear. 

More often a fear of spiders is a 'learned behaviour', which means we pick up the fear as a child from someone close to us, perhaps a parent or sibling. Although, there are occasions where someone has an uncomfortable experience with a spider to which the fear has been installed. 

However, we are not born with this fear (or any fear) we can 'unlearn' these behaviours and the mind can be rewired to let go of the fear, preventing your loved ones becoming fearful of spiders. 


I want to help you overcome a fear of spiders, so I have designed a 2 hours course for small groups as well as private individual sessions. 

I currently own 20 tarantulas and they will be helping me to help you to make that huge step in changing your life. 

My tarantulas have been chosen specifically to be used in demonstrations and to be handled because they are docile and generally slow movers. 


Private sessions are uniquely tailored to every individual and their personal requirements. 

The details for group sessions can be found below. 


If you have any questions or want to discuss anything about these sessions then please do use the form on this page to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you would prefer me to phone you, please email me your number and I will call you within 24hrs. 

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