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Social Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D.)  

Hypnotherapy in Berkshire, Reading 


Do you feel anxious about social gatherings, parties, public speaking or meetings? 

Do these situations hold you back? 


You may have a social anxiety disorder. 


I help people with social disorders using hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and other therapeutic interventions to give you the confidence to enjoy the luxuries of life. 




What is S.A.D? 




Social anxiety disorder or S.A.D is a persistent fear about social situations and being around people. It's one of the most common anxiety disorders. Much more than just "shyness", social anxiety disorder causes intense, overwhelming fear over what may just be an everyday activity like shopping or speaking on the phone. People affected by it may fear doing or saying something they think will be humiliating. 


Social anxiety disorder disrupts normal life, interfering with social relationships and quality of life, and impairing performance at work or school. It's generally more common in women than men and often starts in adolescence, or sometimes as early as childhood. If you think you may have social anxiety disorder, don't be afraid to see your GP. It is a recognised condition that can be effectively treated. 


What are the signs of social anxiety disorder? 




A child with social anxiety disorder may cry a lot, freeze, or have tantrums. They may fear going to school and participating in class and school performances. 


Teens and adults with social anxiety disorder may dread everyday activities such as: 


meeting strangers 

talking in groups or starting conversations 

speaking on the telephone 

talking to authority figures 


eating or drinking with company 

going shopping 

have low self-esteem and feel insecure about their relationships 

fear being criticised 

avoid eye-to-eye contact 

misuse drugs or alcohol to try to reduce their anxiety 

They may just fear one particular situation, such as speaking on the phone, or all social situations. 


Help is at hand 




Sometimes, the fear and anxiety of a social situation can build up to a panic attack, a period of usually just a few minutes when the person feels an overwhelming sense of fear, apprehension and anxiety. 


There may be physical symptoms too, such as feeling sick, sweating, trembling and having heart palpitations. 

These feelings reach a peak and then pass rapidly. They are alarming but cannot cause any physical harm. 


From the NHS website www.NHSsocialanxietydisorder.co.uk 


Do you feel anxious about social gatherings, parties, public speaking or meeting?  

Do these situations hold you back? 


Some of you might try to avoid situations like Christmas & New Year parties and gatherings but hypnotherapy could help you! 


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