Take a break with Choons and Chatter

During the isolation, I have been going live on Facebook, to have some fun and play music to escape the Covid conversation, due to popularity, I has set up a new page called “Choons and Chatter” – https://www.facebook.com/choonsandchatter/

I goes live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm.

“Choons and Chatter” is running a competition to keep spirits high over the coming weeks where you could win one of the following

·      A gift voucher for Theale Wellbeing Centre

·      A gift voucher for Virgo Beauty

·      A day on a filming set for TV, Movie or a Music video or a magazine shoot working with animals via “Animals Work” the number one animal supplier for the entertainment industry.

·      An animal encounter session with Ed Francis (creepy crawlies)

·      A gift voucher from a national garden centre

Watch out for the booby prizes too!

More prizes will be announced over the coming days on Ed’s page

On Wednesday 29th at 8pm, our very own Michael Palfrey will be going live with Ed on “Choons and Chatter” for a chit chat and playing a variety of Glam Rock songs. We feel this will be worth the laugh and this will be something you DO NOT WANT TO MISS.

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