Hypnotherapy For Self Esteem & Confidence

Do You Suffer From Confidence Issues Or Low Self Esteem?

Hypnotherapy To Help Confidence & Self-Esteem In Reading & Berkshire 

Often it's our own beliefs about ourselves that can hold us back in life and stop us form asking that person out on a date, going for that promotion or just doing what we truly want to do in life. It is down to ourselves to create our own success but if you lack a bit of confidence then you might be holding yourself back from achieving your true potential. 


Let me help you with hypnotherapy to improve your confidence so you can become the person you are always wishing you were - you can be that person! 

I will design a bespoke therapy script just for you to help boost your confidence in the areas where you want it most.

Psychology Today have published a great article about the benefits if boosting confidence with Hypnotherapy and NLP

The Difference Between Self Esteem & Confidence

Self-confidence & self-esteem are usually linked however, they are not actually the same thing.

Self-confidence is how we feel about our ability to carry out tasks and roles.

Self-esteem refers to the way we feel about ourselves - the way we look, think and behave.

Those with low self-esteem will typically have low self-confidence as well. That being said, people with low self-esteem can have great confidence in certain areas and those with high self-esteem may lack confidence in certain areas.

Confidence in your abilities doesn't mean performing tasks perfectly. In fact, a big part of having self-confidence is knowing how to deal with mistakes when they occur. Having confidence can make a huge difference in many areas of our lives. The two key areas that you will benefit in are, your relationships and your career.

Relationships - Low self-confidence can affect your relationships with friends, family and partners. It may hold you back from meeting people or cause you to isolate yourself socially. Improving this can help you feel more comfortable in social environments.

Career - A lack of confidence at work can stop you from speaking your opinion and trying new things. This can hinder your progression and hinder your development. Building confidence at work can help you reach your full potential and ensure your voice is heard.

Why Is Confidence So Important?

Self-confidence plays a vital part in our every day life. Without it, you may find that parts of your life become difficult or overwhelming. You may start to doubt yourself to the point where you struggle to make even simple decisions. You might think that you are not “good enough” maybe in social situations or at work. It can prevent you from being the person that you want to be. Low self confidence can hold you back from being successful in your personal life, career even a sport or hobby. At worst, this can result in a profound sense of unhappiness, which may causes you to lose perspective and succumb to a feeling of hopelessness.

How Is Low Self Confidence Affecting You?

  • You are frequently putting yourself down and downplaying your achievements

  • Decision-making is becoming increasingly difficult and slow

  • It is causing problems in your personal and professional relationships

  • It is getting in the way of promotion and career advancement

  • You need constant reassurance from your partner, family or friends

  • You feel that your public speaking is poor and you find giving presentations terrifying

  • You are avoiding social situations because you feel inferior and overwhelmed

  • You don't try at something because you think you are bound to fail or mess up

Where Does Low Self Confidence & Self Esteem Come From?

Both self-esteem & self-confidence are formed by past experiences. Throughout our lives, we receive a mixture of negative and positive messages, which has a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves.

These messages, or rather critiques can come from our family, peers and even the media and social media. Unfortunately, we are pre programmed to respond more to negative messages – This is a survival mechanism, we are designed to survive and look out for things that we perceive as a threat.

Trauma has been proved to have a significant impact on our self-esteem and self-confidence. Traumatic experiences can reduce our feelings of self-worth and our sense of trust.

Self-esteem itself is on a scale. Some have an abundance, while others might struggle in certain situations. People with low self-esteem tend to feel a constant level of low self-worth and likely to experience and/or feel:​​

  • Hopelessness

  • Feeling like their life’s a failure

  • Overly self critical

  • Boredom

  • Lack of motivation

  • Being overly sensitive to criticism

  • Feelings of depression

  • Lacking assertiveness

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Improve Your Confidence?

Hypnotherapy targets the unconscious part of the brain, which is where the beliefs of lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem are stored. Through relaxation and visualisation and suggestion, hypnotherapy reassures that primitive part of brain that the negative views of yourself is an unhelpful and unnecessary distortion. positive suggestions are given to boost confidence and self esteem, so the opinion you have of yourself changes for the better. 


The Hypnotherapy directory say "hypnotherapy can be such a powerful tool" in an article about low self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy gets you to focus on all the things that you have already successfully achieved in your life and this is an important part of the therapy. This is where hypnotherapy can then help you to work out how best to tackle any areas that might need more time, effort and energy.

So you will then be facing this reality with enthusiasm and optimism, allowing you to believe in yourself and your abilities once more.

Get the job! 

Get that date! 

Get the lead role! 

Get the life you want! 


Hypnotherapy For Confidence Near Me

You can see me at my practice for Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Self-Esteem in Reading, Berkshire, however, I also work with clients remotely over Zoom. So no matter where you are, I can help you.

"Remote Online Therapy" is just like being in the practice with your therapist and has many benefits;

  • Being in the comfort of your own home

  • No travel (expenses)

  • More time for you

  • Stay safe

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