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Free Initial Consultation 

It would be misleading to comment on an approach that may help you without carrying out an assessment before-hand. For medical conditions, IBS, pain management etc. It would be advisable for you to visit your doctor for a medical diagnosis prior to therapy however that can be discussed during the initial consultation. 


The length and number of sessions, as well as the best approach to be taken, would be discussed at this Free Initial Consultation (FIC). You would be asked to consider the therapy and phone back for an appointment if you feel the approach is right for you. 


The Fees are £100 per 1 hour session 


Come in Confidence 

The free initial consultation and therapy are conducted in confidence. If you would like a Free Initial Consultation, please phone 07809 728 185 alternatively you might wish to Email Ed. 


The approach taken is eclectic, as no one discipline can offer an answer to all people or issues. Some of the modern brief strategic interventions do not require hypnosis, although may be enhanced with a light sense of relaxation. The approach used will be of your choice. Due to the flexible nature of these sessions, the therapy is quick and effective, helping you to achieve your aim as efficiently as possible. 


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