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Does Hypnotherapy Work For Weight Loss in Reading  Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Reading 

What Causes Weight Gain? 
A number of simple and complex factors can influence weight gain; 
Emotional eating 
Over eating 
Poor diet 
Lack of sleep 
Lack of exercise 
Why Do People Struggle to Control Their Weight? 
This can be due to many reasons and knolledge is the key to success and often doing too much at once, not dealing with any emotion issues and attactments to food or even following the wrong kind of diet - they dont work as I will explain below 
Why Slimming Diets Don't Work. 
Just to be clear, your diet is what you eat, a slimming diet is something that is temporary. 
There are again a number of reasons why slimming doest do not work and for me the main reason is beacuse often people are emotion eaters and it is improtant to deal with those issues. everyone I have known has never succeesed at useing one diet - of course there will be cases but the majority of the time the diet fails. 
Diets tell you what to eat, when to eat, how to eat etc. Your body is designed to do what it naturally wants and when you go against its instinct your body will rebel by putting on weight. 
How to Manage Weight Successfully. 
Drink up to 2 litres of water per day. 
Put cutlery down between each bite, slow down your eating.  
Chew your food 10-20 times. 
Dont shop when you're hungry - Youll buy a lot less food 
Eat without distraction - No T.V, radio, books or working. 
Throw food away - even if its only 3 peas or a potato, leave something on your plate 
How Can Hypnotherapy Help Weight Loss? 
Hypnotherapy will help you to deal with any emotional issues you may have, help to change habits and to restore you back to its natural way of eating. 
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