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This is a blog I wrote for Theale Wellbeing Centre where you can book appointments to see me. Theale Wellbeing Centre offer a variety of other wellbing treatments such as Osteopathy, Chiropody & Podiatry, ViMove assessment and more. Click the link to see what's on offer at Theale Wellbeing Centre 
What is Stress? 
When we become stressed or under pressure the brain sends out a signal to your adrenal gland to produce adrenalin and cortisol. 
Adrenalin is secreted into the blood stream to trigger your heart rate and lung capacity to increase and to work in harmony to pump extra blood and oxygen to your legs and arms which is preparing your body for the “fight or flight” response – its there to protect you from danger so your muscles are more responsive to do just that, fight or fly (run). 
Cortisol is released at the same time, which fuels your body with extra energy that’s stored away for just such a situation. Cortisol will regulate the blood sugar levels and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory just in case the body is harmed. 
The brain does not know if you will be harmed or not but as we are just animals by nature the only things that would cause us harm, back when we were just cave people, would be a predator. 
Click here to see the full blog article on "What is Stress?" 
Here is a video I made to help you in cases of mild stress, the video is in two parts so watch part one, understand it and practice it then in a few days you can go on to part two (which is on my YouTube Channel
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