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So many people out there are having difficulties with their weight in fact more and more people are becoming overweight and plenty are on a losing battle to reduce the weight they have gained for a couple of reason. 
Firstly, some people are emotional eaters; these people are getting some form of satisfaction from eating regardless of their emotional reasons for eating (comfort, reward, stress release etc.) 
Secondly, some are just simply over eating; by having 1 mouthful extra per meal is enough to make a big gain over the course of a year. 
If you have 3 meals a day that’s 21 extra mouthfuls per week, or 1092 extra mouthfuls per year that (I hope you’re ready for this bit) equates to around 80 meals extra per year and this is with out high days and holidays like Christmas! These numbers are based on average meal sizes, now who actually has an average size meal I don’t know. 
Below you will find 5 tips to help you on your way to reducing weight. I must state that anyone will benefit from following the suggestions below however, if you are an emotional eater then I highly recommend that you deal with your core issue(s) as well or you will end up yo-yoing and emotion wins over logic every time. 
If you’re not sure if you are an emotional eater or would like further advice or help then please do get in touch, after all it s what I do and don’t forget I do offer a Skype service too. 
1. Drink up to 2 litres of water per day 
Our bodies require water to help the digestion of food efficiently and aides in the processing and passing of food. 
2. Ask yourself, “am I hungry?” 
Often we do not know if we are hungry or thirsty, if you get that feeling of really needing a drink, then you are dehydrating and we are not supposed to reach this stage so it is important to keep hydrated anyway. 
If you think you are hungry, ask yourself “am I hungry?” Drink a glass of water instead and wait 30 minutes – you may just be thirsty? 
If you are over weight you can afford to wait 30 - 60 minutes without food, in fact any of us could. 
3. Put down your cutlery and chew 
Between each mouthful put your cutlery down and chew up to 20 times. This gives your body and brain to connect and understand when enough is enough. Have you ever finished a meal and though “OH MY GOD, I’m gonna pop” because your are just so full? Well that’s because you have over eaten. 
4. Eat only when you’re hungry 
Don’t eat because its time to eat, eat because you are hungry – a skinny person doesn’t eat because its dinnertime, they eat because they are hungry. 
5. Throw food away 
If you are someone who just can’t throw food away, then I want you to start to leave a little on your plate and throw it away, perhaps you could freeze some of it to reuse somehow? 
So 5 tips to get you on the weigh (see what I did there, weigh/way!) to losing weight and only brief detail, so if you would like more information on any of these tips then as always, drop me a message. 
There are no stupid questions, I can always update this post with the questions or you can leave a comment? 
You will do FANTASTIC, let me know how you get on. 
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