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Spider season is fast approaching, I say ‘spider season’, it’s actually their mating season and that’s exactly why they are moving inside; the females are looking for a warm humid place to shelter for the winter with their egg sack and the males are looking for an attractive female spider to mate with. 
I have created a series of three ‘spider’ blogs that I shall be posting over the next 3 days. The first is about my personal story of overcoming my fear of spiders, the second covers removing and deterring spiders from the home and the third is an NLP technique for relieving anxiety. 
My Story 
So many people have a fear of spiders (arachnophobia) and I believe it is the most common fear in the world and I too once had a fear of spiders, to the point where I have been teased by people who have caught a spider and then threatened to put it on me as a joke and I would beg and plead for them not to with tears rolling down my face. 
One day I thought enough was enough. I designed a programme of therapy techniques, ones that I teach to clients, to use on myself. It took a few weeks but a day came when it was time, I went and faced my fear. I visited a local reptile shop that sells tarantulas and asked for them to help me. 
I can’t say I wasn’t still a little anxious even after the programme of therapy sessions. As I was confronted by a 6 inch tarantula I realised that it was fine and I actually wanted to hold it. 
I knew the spider wouldn’t hurt me and I know that tarantulas don’t kill (the venom is too weak to kill a human and at most will cause a little pain in the unlikely event of being bitten). 
As the hairy creature was placed on my hand I felt a huge release of energy and relaxed with relief knowing that in that instant my fear had gone, I was ecstatic and switched between holding two different tarantulas – I was in the shop for 2 hours with the friendly arachnids. I rushed home and ordered 2 tarantulas of my own. I now run courses to help others overcome their fear of spiders using my own tarantulas. 
September to October is the time when you are most likely to see these much hated creatures however, the truth is that spiders are hiding in your home all year round going unnoticed. 
All British spiders are venomous (not poisonous) and they will not kill you. Even the black widow which is the most venomous spider in the world will not kill you unless you happen to have a serious allergy to the venom. 
You are more likely to be bitten by a pet hamster than a spider 
“Only a very small number of the larger species of British spiders have fangs capable of penetrating human skin. There have been a number of reports of people being bitten by spiders and false widows are often the focus of this, particularly in the media. However, it is difficult to obtain accurate evidence as those complaining of bites often do not see the spider but assume they are the culprit because of the absence of a bee or wasp. Alternatively, they only get a brief glimpse. Rarely is a spider captured and an accurate identification carried out.” 
- British Arachnological Society (BAS) 
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