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Removing Spiders 
The best way to deal with a spider in your home and remove it safely (for both you and the spider) is to take a large enough glass and pop it over the top, then take a thin piece of card and slide it underneath. Now you can take the spider safely to the bottom of the garden and let it run freely. Using a glass that is see-through is much better to see what’s going on, this way you will know if the spider is actually where it needs to be while sliding the card under the glass. 
Deterring Spiders 
You probably won’t be able to rid your house of spiders 100% but you can do some things to deter them. 
1. Vacuum regularly – high and low 
Be sure that you vacuum both high and low and behind and under furniture. 
2. Remove noticeable webs 
Dust regularly and pay special attention to the corners in ceilings too. 
3. Fill gaps 
Fill in the gaps between walls, pipework and under the doors, where there’s a gap there is a potential home for our 8 legged friends 
4. Remove sheltering sites 
Spiders will tuck themselves away in your firewood piles and garden waste, so keep it minimal. 
5. Deter all insects 
The best way to do this is to control your lighting – insects are drawn to light and these bugs are a tasty treat for spiders 
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