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I ran an experiment with Michael (Osteopath/Director of Theale Wellbeing Centre) as he has high blood pressure. 
I designed a 25 minute relaxation audio for him to listen to, I asked him to record his systolic and diastolic measurements before and after hypnotic relaxation 
This ran for 7 days where Michael was asked to go into a separate room and listen to the audio I recorded for him but on two days he was instructed to NOT listen to the audio and just go in to the same room and relax for 25 minutes. 
Day 3 & 4 (in bold) were the 2 days he didn’t listen to any hypnosis and while you can see the results are still positive, they are much better by using hypnosis. 
Here are Michael's results 
The average persons blood pressure should be between 120/80-140/90mmHg (millimetres of Mercury) 
Before Relaxation  
146/88 mmHg 
140/88 mmHg 
143/92 mmHg 
138/88 mmHg 
140/90 mmHg 
137/85 mmHg 
138/80 mmHg 
After Relaxation 
142/88 mmHg 
135/85 mmHg 
140/90 mmHg 
135/84 mmHg 
132/84 mmHg 
134/82 mmHg 
130/77 mmHg 
4/0 mmHg 
5/3 mmHg 
3/2 mmHg 
3/4 mmHg 
3/4 mmHg 
8/3 mmHg 
8/3 mmHg 
Hypnosis will take you into a deep state of relaxation and can help to lower your blood pressure, I am not saying that hypnosis will cure high blood pressure or it should be used instead of medication but hypnosis will help to relax you and lower your blood pressure and you may be able to lower your medication or providing your GP is ok with it not need to take any medication!? 
If you would like more information on this then get in touch and we can disccus your questions and concerns! 
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On 8th October 2017 at 12:42, Janet wrote:
i am impressed by the results i have high blood pressure and will try hypnosis like you say.
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