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Here is a wonderful and very interesting success story form a previous client. 
Fear of flying was so bad for Mum of three, Ali that she developed a painful outbreak of psoriasis at the prospect. It almost ruined the holiday of a lifetime but Ali was determined not to be beaten and was given my details from a personal fitness instructor based in Basingstoke. 
I worked with Ali to produce a realistic, effective and personalised treatment plan so that she could not only put her anxiety and panic behind her, but relax on the flight and enjoy her family holiday to Las Vegas. 
Those with a fear of flying will recollect their own symptoms – sufferers often experience anxiety before the journey, in some cases just researching or booking the flight can trigger panic. Psoriasis and eczema has a close link to stress and anxiety and it is considered to be a trigger for the majority of people. 
Clinical Hypnotherapy is a highly effective treatment for a wide range of problems, including anxiety related skin conditions, without side effects, and I specialises in helping people with anxiety and stress as well as many other concerns. 
As an integrative therapist, I uses extensive experience and training in effective methods that can help people overcome problems, phobias and issues that create obstacles in a person’s life. Some of these methods include clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapeutic methods, EMDR and EFT. 
Direct quote from Ali. 
“I had (notice the HAD!) a huge fear of flying - I would be in such a state weeks up to the build up of a flight. I had an outbreak of psoriasis on one occasion on a build up to a holiday of a lifetime. I avoided flying at all costs - if there was an alternative, I would take it. When there wasn't, I was just a mess. I even took prescribed medication but unfortunately, the adrenalin from the fear cancelled out what the medicines should have done! Finally someone recommended Ed to me. I went to see him (as I had a big flight coming up) and explained how I felt. Ed offered me 'tapping' therapy. Don't ask me how it works, but all I can say is it DOES!!!! After only a couple of sessions the change was great. I was still nervous before my first flight as I couldn't be sure it had really worked until I was on that flight. But it did! I could relax, smile, not cry ...and even managed sleep! Since then I have had several flights through my work - each one just gets better and better. I took a long haul flight just last week and actually enjoyed it. No worry on the build up, relaxed all the way. Pre treatment, as much as I wanted this, I couldn't quite imagine it would really make this much difference - but it truly has! I couldn't recommend Ed more highly.” 
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