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It does not matter what point of your relationship you are in, these 6 tips will serve you well if you just keep them in mind while thinking about the one you love. If, however, you find your relationship may be slipping and you're not getting that 'spark', then talk these 5 tips through with your other half and make some changes! 
This is absolute 100% paramount, you must talk to each other and say what's on your mind - if you love him/her then make sure you say it, if you're thankful, make it clear, if you're upset or angry then explain why you feel that way. 
When talking about why you are upset or angry, don't say "you've made me angry/you hurt me by saying", try to word it about you i.e. "I am angry because/I feel hurt because". 
Do what you did to "woo" each other 
When you first started dating I'm sure you did amazing things for each other right?! Well it's often these things which help us to fall head over heels in love with someone, but then for one reason or another, those things stop! You don't have to do this "woo-ing" often but don't stop it, sometimes the smallest gestures have the biggest impact. 
Create a date night 
This one is self explanatory, you can dress for each others eyes and stay in and cook dinner together or get a take out and watch a movie, or maybe get your Sunday best on and go out? If you have little people, send them off to the grandparents or get a sitter. 
Remember why you fell in love 
Talk to each other about those things that made you fall in love and relive those memories.  
Whisper conversation 
When you're both in bed, pull the covers over your heads and whisper to each other, it's incredibly intimate, maybe you can plan a date night while you're there or come up with some romantic or even silly conversations 
laughing together is a big factor in strengthening relationships - do it often and do it together! 
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