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The Stress Buster Plus 

Stress Buster Plus E-Course 
This is the all singing, all dancing 6 week E-Course. This has been designed by me to change your life and to teach you how to manage and reduce stress. Over the 6 weeks you will recieve emails that will guide you to a more relaxed way of living. 
Start enjoying your life today by reducing your stress load, understand the stress response and how to stop it in its tracks while learning how to relax. 
The 6 week Stress Buster E-Course will help you to 
Reduce stress 
Control anxiety 
Manage stress 
Grow your self esteem 
Improve confidence 
Get back in control 
Improve sleep 
Improve diet 
Manage weight 
You will learn 
Self hypnosis 
To give positive suggestions to yourself 
NLP techniques 
Instant Calming technique 
The soothing breath 
DON'T use this product if you are epileptic, diabetic or asthmatic, suffering from clinical depression or while driving or operating machinery. If you are unsure then please contact your GP. 
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